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June 2019

Dr. Becky Chen

Topic: Making your business millennial friendly

After completing her dental degree in 2008 at the University of Melbourne, Dr Becky Chen worked predominantly in regional Victoria. In May 2015, Becky and her web developer husband began their adventure as dental practice owners when they settled their young family in Ballarat, a regional city about 1.5 hours from Melbourne. Becky immediately took on the role of HR manager and principal dentist while her husband wore many hats to look after all the background happenings of the clinic. With an emphasis on having a high performance team that takes pride in delivering quality customer service and care, their start up clinic quickly grew to a busy 3-chair practice of 5 clinicians and 10 support staff within a few years.

Leading a young and energetic team, Becky has had the pleasure of working with an entire team of just millennials. Her practice ownership journey has been equally eye-opening as it is rewarding. Recognising the need to continuously develop leadership skills through channels of reading, training and networking both within and outside of dentistry circles, Becky has been taking life and business lessons over the years to better equip her to work with millennials effectively.

With Millennials about to take over the workforce by 2020, Becky is keen to share some tips with dental practice owners on how to make your business millennial-friendly, millennial-ready.