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June 2019

Dr. Jesse Green

Topic: Marketing module for specialist practices (workshop restricted to specialists)

Dr Jesse Green is a dentist, entrepreneur, coach and thought leader who specialises in working with established high-performing dentists and industry young guns hungry for success.

In an increasingly over-competitive market, he has made an art of helping his elite clients play bigger, better and smarter.

He is the founder of Practice Max, a 7-step high-performance business mastermind that offers the latest in entrepreneurial thinking tools and cutting-edge ideas from the dental and non-dental worlds.
Jesse hosts a popular weekly marketing show the ‘Savvy Dentist’, where he interviews highly driven, award winning business achievers and authors who share their thought-provoking insights. He aims to educate dentists about the business of dentistry as well as inspiring them to create an exciting future. The ‘Savvy Dentist’ show is where great dentistry meets great business. He is also a contributor to Australasian Dentist Magazine.

Jesse is renowned for creating tailored dental practice management solutions that deliver financial results, top-performing teams and smart systems to free up profits and time for practice owners. Jesse’s ultimate vision – to create a leading entrepreneurial community of dentists in Australia.
Drawing on nearly two decades of experience, Jesse is the undisputed authority on practice management for highly motivated and enterprising dentists – a combination he describes as a ‘dentalpreneur’. He is the author of Amazon number 1 best seller RETENTION! How to Plug the #1 Profit Leak in Your Dental Practice.