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June 2019

Lindsay and Dinesh Singham

Topic: Our journey towards a $10m practice. Our strategies for supercharged growth

Dr Dinesh Singham and his wife Dr Lindsay bought an underperforming practice in Townsville in 2011. Within a 3 years, they had grown it to a comfortable $2m practice. However, when Dinesh broke his arm in a freak cricket accident, they discovered that their business was heavily reliant on Dinesh as the main provider. (Lindsay was on maternity leave with another young child to care for). After returning to work, he and his wife decided that things had to change. They decided to create a dental business big enough that it could positively impact the lives of their patients, their staff, the community and theirselves and that could sustain itself in their absence. Within two years, their dental practice went from $2m to over $4m with the target being $10m within 7years. They will share with you some of the strategies that have lead to the rapid growth as well as the challenges that can come up with a larger practice and tips to overcome them.