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June 16-17

Michael Heffernan

Michael Heffernan has over 35 years experience in the finance and securities industry and is currently a Senior Client Advisor and Economist with a leading Australian Sharebroker with Phillip Capital after having been Chief Economist/Lawyer with the Australian Stock Exchange for 13 years, and an Economist with Commonwealth Department of Employment and Industrial Relations for 11 years.

Most recently Michael was named Stock Picker of the year 2016 after having received the same award in 2013 at the Australian Stockbrokers Foundation Annual Awards Charity Dinners. In addition Michael topped the poll of the Australian Newspaper’s Criterion column of his expert tipsters for 2014 with an average increase of 26% over the year.

Michael is a well respected and frequently quoted and referred to commentator on the market and economic events and appears regularly on TV, radio and in the business sections of daily newspapers. In particular he can be seen on regularly on Sky Business Channel’s Switzer and Your Money Your Call programmes.

In his current position with Phillip Capital, Mr Heffernan is involved with analysing developments in the Australian economy and major overseas markets, and translating these trends into opportunities in the Australian sharemarket for investors and clients. Michael’s role therefore embodies research and analysis, and on the basis of that solid foundation provides comprehensive portfolio and stock selection advice to clients .

In addition to memberships of legal, economic and securities industry associations Mr Heffernan is heavily involved with the educational side of the industry.

In this respect he is a Life Member and Senior Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FinSia), and immediate past Victorian Chairman of this recently created Institute (a body resulting from the merger of the Securities Institute of Australia and the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance).

Mr Heffernan also is a sought after speaker and media commentator on investing in the sharemarket and its interaction with the economy and in this respect he regularly talks with various investor, community and professional groups.



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